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First Day As KA Studios!!!

Today is the day!! We signed that papers and now i am officially the owner. some of you know us as PLC Photography but we are now KA Studios. It is still the same great place you know and love just a new owner. I am beyond excited to start this adventure. I have always loved photography and have always wanted to own my own business. It is finally happening I am so happy about that. Kacy has really helped me make this happen. Everything has worked out great and things have really fallen into to place.

I have recently graduated from college with my associates degree in Sales, Marketing, and Management. So i have a good business background and as for he photography stuff I have learned some things on my own, but i have learned most everything from Kacy. She has really guided me and helped me so much. Kacy will still be here and will be helping me.

Joyce is staying to work for me, she has been here since the first owner Peggy Carlson. She stayed on when Kacy took over and I am so glad she is staying here to help me.

I am very thankful for all the help and support. I can't wait to see what's is store for me and the studio!

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